About Tunde

When I first started working as an aesthetician, almost 15 years ago now, I wanted to treat my clients with clean brands that would bring the power of traditional herbal medicines to their healing process, but there weren’t many brands around. 

As I searched for cleaner organic, wildcrafted lines, I learned that not only are we connected to nature and plant medicines but that all aspects of life contribute to radiant skin.

Certain plants carry certain healing properties with a vast intelligence and adaptability. It’s almost mysterious.

What are modern naturals?

For me, it is guided by a love of plants and a deep understanding that beauty and radiant skin must be created from the whole person.

How -to Get Started with Modern Naturals

I love to remind people that a holistic lifestyle is about simplifying, especially in the beginning. A great way to get started is by taking things away, reducing the number of products used daily. Less is more! So, for example, you might take a look at the labels on the back of the products that you use. Anything that contains complex ingredients that you aren’t familiar with, synthetics and chemicals. You could put these items to the side for 4 weeks to see how you feel. If you are introducing new products into your routine, you could make sure they are versatile and able to multitask, delivering better functionality.  

The Curation Process

A lot of time and love goes into my spa + apothecary! I’m passionate about every aspect, whether I’m seeing clients one-on-one or curating new brands to bring into the store. When I’m around the computer responding to email, I like to keep a lot of beautiful living plants in my workspace. They bring an energetic balance to the area.
I also use essential oils in my spa, using my intuition to guide me towards which might bring in something that’s needed. So, sometimes I take a quick moment to breathe in an essence that I’m drawn to, or I might layer a few essences together, applying them to my skin on active pressure points. 

Natural Lifestyle

From dietary choices to how we manage stress and big emotions – it is all so interwoven and directly reflects the condition of the skin. Treating the skin topically is only one aspect of allowing its natural radiance to shine. Diet, sleep and cultivating an ability to adapt to change are so important, affecting hormonal health, emotional stability, our capacity to metabolize nutrients, detoxify and our overall energetic capacity for experiencing joy. All these factors align and resonate in what we recognize as healthy, glowing skin.


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