Body Treatments

Feel good in your skin beyond your face. We offer deep cleansing treatments to purify the backBellaBaci body cupping massage to help soothe aches and pains and spider veins, ear candling and dry brushing. 

Purify the Back

During this treatment, the skin on your back receives precisely the attention it needs. Deep cleansing and targeted care leave your back so revived and soft you will want to show it off!
45 min. $80

BellaBaci Body Cupping Massage

Gentle all over body cupping massage for relaxation and soothe aches and pains, fantastic for spider veins.

45 min. $100

Ear Candling

A gentle method of removing impacted wax and residues, painless and relaxing.

60 min. $50

Cellulite be gone!

Cupping massage for on “rear end” area, and back legs to gently bring fresh circulation to fatty tissue.

20 min. $40

Bronze Body Brushing

Dry brushing the entire body with a bronze bristle brush to metabolize revved infusion of oxygen allowing ions to directly be absorbed through your skin. A beautiful lymph tonic is added to benefit the circulatory and nervous system. 

20 min. $40


Holistic Beauty Bar

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